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““You have no idea who we are, but we’re about to be great friends.” And with that inviting proclamation, Levon’s Michael Hall has opened many a performance. Making friends through the music is part of what it’s all about for this soulful country/rock trio, whose cross-generational sonic appeal draws from past and present, with a harmony-driven style built around compelling lyrics and memorable melodies: music with a timeless quality.

Levon is now poised to impact country radio with the fun of “Why Oh Why,” the band’s clever, engagingly hooky debut single for Columbia Nashville/Epic Records. Co-written by Hall, Levon producer Jamie Houston, and noted Nashville tunesmith James Dean Hicks – and recently released for streaming and download – “Why Oh Why” is a song that Hall says not only “captures the youthfulness of our band,” but also offers an excellent representation of Levon’s style.”

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